Things that make my heart happy

sunscreen. I wear it every day. I’m pretty sure my skin would explode without it. How did (redheaded) people survive before sunscreen?

pickles. I have a major love affair with them, I’m like snookie. Ok that is the only time I will ever say I’m like snookie, I hope.

pedicures. I have to get them, I suck at painting my own toes, and don’t even get me started on the foot massages and exfoliation.

seeing my nieces happy. really, there is nothing better than a big smile on one of my girls faces.

happy client e-mails. here is one I got today:
“Oh.My.Word. The pictures are just beyond. Love them!!! I can’t wait to see the rest. I think I may have screamed a little when I saw that first one of Jackson. Thank you so much!”
I need to start printing them out and reading them when I have a bad day because they always cheer me up and remind me why I’m so blessed to do what I do.

gummy bears. Oh you sweet little teddy shaped bits of heaven. A client recently brought me two bags of gummy bears to our meeting. I almost teared up a little…gummy bears do that to me.

Grady and his mom and dad.  They are just such a sweet fun family, mom and dad are really cool and laid back and Grady is so stinkin cute I can hardly stand it.

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