Georgia on my mind

I had a love affair with Georgia. It was one of those places I never thought too much about until I moved there, and then I fell in love with it’s charm, it’s beauty and it’s people. Georgia and I went our separate ways a couple of years ago but I just can’t seem to stay away. I’m not sure if it’s the amazing food in Athens, the bustling city life in Atlanta, or just the memories I have from fun times there. I am certain of one thing, I definitely love going back because of the beautiful families I have come to know and love that live there. I really get attached to my clients, I feel like they are my friends pretty much right away… even if they don’t want to be friends I’m like “oh yeah, we’re friends, you’d better believe it!” Ok, I don’t say that out loud but I am definitely thinking it in my head. And the kiddo’s….oh man the kiddo’s. I just get so attached to them, I know I only get to spend a couple of hours with them on occasion (seriously, I need to fix that… like an Avery’s day out where I get together all my kids and we play all day…no cameras allowed). Anyway, even though I only get to see them for a bit I then spend hours editing photo’s looking at their sweet faces and then I start to feel like I know them even more. When you are looking at literally hundreds of photo’s of a child or a family you can really start to see them for who they are. I’ll notice the way a little boy bends his arm a certain way when he’s trying to run really fast, or the way a little girl smiles a little crooked when you really get her laughing, or the way a toddler’s face just seems to change, light up, when he looks at his mom. I see these things unfold in the photo’s and I just fall for the children, for the whole family all over again.

Ok. It’s official. I’m a sappy photographer.

note for photographers:

I shot all of these with my 24-70L and I stuck around 2.8-4.0. I became a prime snob for a bit but I’m falling for my 24-70 again, it’s a workhorse.

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