August Digital File Special

For the month of August I am offering a digital file special. applause!!!!!   (ok…in my head)
After a session I know all of my clients can’t always order every image, but I want them to have every image, just because I do! (stomps feet) But I’ve been told it wouldn’t be very business savvy to go giving away pictures (stupid business savvy…stomps feet again) SO for the month of August I am offering the Mia Collection for $600–yep that’s a $500 discount…ya dig. Actually that’s cheaper than the Ava Collection which is 20 files and you get the whole enchilada. It just makes me happy to say “here is your DVD… with all your pictures!!!”

So here’s the deets: (is deets right for details? I thought I was being cute but now I’m just thinking of beets which is weird… ok well I’m leaving it)
1) This only applies to portrait sessions, not weddings. sad face.
2) If your session takes place in July but your order is not due until August (for all my latest sessions) you are eligible for the dealie-o.
3)This is an all or nothing, the other digital packages are their original price.
4) If your session takes place in August but your order is not due until September (I already have some of you late August folks on the books) you are eligible for the deal as well.

OK! Hope that answers all questions but if it doesn’t shoot me an e-mail and we’ll chat! And I hope to be mailing out lots of DVD’s chocked full of all your gallery photo’s! Of course in a lovely leather silk lined case…duh… :)

And because no blog post is complete without some photo’s here are a couple that I never shared of two of my most favorite girls on the face of the planet. I am heading to Austin this weekend for some shoots and these girls (my nieces) and my bff live there so I get to see them this weekend and I’m so excited…late night slumber parties and roller skating here I come!

(oh and this is what happens when you let me pick out clothes for a photoshoot…matching?? pffft….who needs it)

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