She Loves Me!

Sometimes while I’m at a session with a kiddo they will just take to me right away, we’re like best buddies and I pretty much become a 5 year old and have a grand time with them. Other times I think they like me, but then I’m like a 5 year old sulking wondering if they do and then mom will e-mail me and say they have been asking for me and my heart swells. :) (I’m that pathetic… really)

Well sweet Troy was definitely the former of the two. I have photographed her once before but it had been a little while and I was worried she would have forgotten me but she didn’t, or she doesn’t meet a stranger, because the second I stuck my head in the car to say hello she said “Hi Avery! I love you!”
I die.
I just wanted to grab her out of her carseat and smother her cute face with kisses. Photographing her and her absolute sweetheart of a mom and dad was so fun, even though it was hot (and not just normal hot…Austin hot) they were such troopers and always had a sincere smile ready for me. Mom is pregnant with Troy’s little brother and he’s pretty much genetically predestined to be an absolute doll… I see no way out of it.

And look at how beautiful mom is, she is literally glowing.

It was a long hot day  but I spent it with people I absolutely adore so I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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