The Measure of a Man

 So I didn’t get around to posting a Fathers Day blog yesterday because I was too busy hanging out with my dad :) But I definitely wanted to say something about him on here, about what kind of man that he is. I’ve thought a lot lately about what it takes to be a man. I’ve always thought it was hard to be a woman, there is so much expected of women and it seems like sometimes we have the chips stacked against us but it seems to me that being a man is something men pursue, something they really need to feel. Men want to really prove themself as a man I think, and I know that must be a lot of pressure. Then on Fathers Day I thought about my dad and what makes him a man. When I was a child if you asked me “what makes your dad a real man?” I would have probably said “he’s strong, he’s big, he’s’ tough, he doesn’t cry” or some other cliche thing that we are told as kids. But if you ask me today what makes my dad a man, my answer would be very different. My dad is a man because he’s wise, he’s loyal, he stands by the people he loves, he honors his commitments, he works hard, he supports his family and leads them like God calls him to do, he doesn’t spend his life pursuing his own happiness but delights in the happiness of those he loves.  To me that is what makes a man, someone who lives his life with honor and wisdom and loves his loved ones more than he loves himself and I’m so blessed to have a man like my dad in my life.

“A discerning man keeps wisdom in view,
but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.”
Proverbs 17:27

my mom took this pic yesterday (fathers day) she now calls herself the “momographer” :)

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