Jill and Matthew are married!

Jill and Matthew are from England… now I know that may be an odd way to start off a blog post but in my mind that makes them way way cool. First of all they have amazing accents, as did pretty much everyone at this wedding. I was obsessed with hearing them talk and found myself laughing when they would say things like “knickers”. I’m pretty sure they only caught about half of what I said because not only do I talk fast, but I talk with a southern accent…yes I am the only fast talking southern girl out there I think. But something else about being from England, well apparently it makes you super fun, and very cool, because that’s how everyone there was…and they had amazing hats, the Brits know how to accessorize. These two were just so excited to get married and soaked up the day and I loved being a part of it. >

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