I have a few weaknesses, gummy bears, indian food, kids with red hair, old people with kind eyes, clothes, my nieces, and animals. Ok I probably have way more than that but I’ll go with those for now… anyway one thing I am a big sucker for is animals. If I am driving down the road and I see a dog or a cat I am going to pull over and try everything I can to coax it into my car, occasionally I have leftover taco bell to try to entice the furry thing but normally I am left pleading crouched over saying “here puppy! come here!” I have brought home a Miniature Schnauzer, a Shih Tzu, a puppy Chow, several cats and kittens, and countless adorable muts.

One of the dogs I found was a Great Pyrenees, I was driving to the post office on a rainy day and walking in the middle of the road is this giant furry white dog, all muddy and wet. Now, most people would be afraid of this massive dog (seriously he was taller than me on his hind legs and I’m 5’10”) but I had a neighbor with a Great Pyrenees once and they are seriously the most gentle sweet dogs ever, so I drive up, roll down my window and start calling him and he runs over to my car and puts his muddy paws up on the side of the door. I fell in love. So after a short drive home, an interesting time trying to fit him in my shower and bathe him, and a trip to the vet I discovered he was chipped and his name was Falkor. So the vet called his owner and she came over to pick him up and she had with her another one of my weaknesses, a redheaded kiddo. Her little cutie was less than a year old with a head full of read hair so of course I ended up photographing him shortly after we met and now they have added a SWEET baby girl to their family so we got together for another photo shoot. They are a pretty adorable fam

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