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So wedding season is in full swing, I’m in Georgia right now, shooting a wedding at the Jekyll Club this weekend and also doing some family beach sessions here as well (you should click the link and check out the hotel, if you’re thinking about a destination wedding this place is really lovely).

I have like 6 or so weddings to share on here that haven’t been blogged so I’ll try to do that asap.In the meantime I am going to share something completely random, pics from the zoo, all shot with my iphone. I got to hang out with my whole family last weekend and we went to the zoo, so of course I lugged my big camera and a small point and shoot camera and I had my little iphone. So we arrive at the zoo, and I start to get ready to drag my camera out of the bag, hang it around my neck, and then be neurotic all day about getting the perfect shot of the elephants or the odd deer like thing that I never really know what it is… But then I had a thought…I am going to spend the entire day hid out behind my camera, and I won’t enjoy my nieces and just hanging out. So, I decided ditch the camera, and use the iphone.

So here is the zoo with my family as seen through my iphone. The day was perfection, even if my pictures of the day are not :)

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