Taj and Anthony are Married!

He thought they should have a small ceremony at their house, maybe the kitchen… she balked at this as any woman would and since he is madly in love with her they compromised and had a laid back outdoor ceremony by the water surrounded by close family and friends. When I heard that, about the kitchen, I didn’t think “geez….what a GUY” I just thought…”wow, he loves her so much and just wants to marry her, even if it’s in the kitchen.” That made me smile, these two both made me smile all day, their love was something that was really mature and solid yet still sweet and new. I loved watching him nervously wait to see her for the first time, asking if she was coming…asking where he should stand, and her worrying about her hair “it needs to look like it’s not “done”” and then glowing once she stepped into her stunning gown. I just relished watching their day unfold and capturing it so hopefully they can better remember the small moments that seem to slip from your mind far too quickly.

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