sweet goodness

I have to talk for a moment about Bridget. Bridget is this beautiful redheaded mom. (I love redheads, I believe redheads are like soul sisters). So Bridget is sweet, like super way awesomely I just want to hug her sweet. And she is smart, crazy smart. And she has a great sense of style and an amazing green thumb (I about died when I walked into their GORGEOUS new home, it’s stunning and the amazing huge back patio is brimming with green lush plants). And she is a fantastic mom who gracefully walks the fine line of letting her angel faced boy be a “boy” without letting fear of (another) set of stitches keep him from living it up. And lets not forget about dad, he is cool and laid back and is such a loving dad and hubby.

Now… about that angel faced boy. He literally has no fear. He is destined to be a doctor rushing into the jungles of Africa, or a rescue swimmer jumping out of a helicopter into stormy seas, or maybe a race car driver flying across the finish line with a grin on his face. I’m sure none of that excites mom too terribly much but really this little boy is absolutely fearless, much to his parents dismay. :) But I’ve always felt like I had sort of a fearless spirit (I’m not as tough as little Liam though, not by a long shot),  but he’s sort of a kindred spirit.  I have no doubt he will continue to fill his wonderful parents life with excitement and fun…and maybe a couple more trips to the ER. :)

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