Photoshop Friday’s?

Ok, so I started, and I failed…but I’m not giving up. So photoshop Friday this week will be Saturday. Now last time I went ahead and properly embarassed myself right out of the gate, so I thought I would show what a normal photo looks like instead of picking a photo that I totally screwed up :) So here we go!

The above photo is SOOC. What SOOC means is Straight Out of Camera. (Photographers know this, it’s standard speak like e-session and uncle bob.) So, the above photo has not been touched by photoshop other than to resize.. I actually didn’t even sharpen it for the web, nothing. Now it’s not perfect, but it’s a good example of what a lot of my photo’s look like when I take them. I like it, I love her expression (this is my amazing niece Brooklyn and this photo is totally “her” which I adore) But I like lots of color, if you’ve looked at my website you know that. So what I did was shapen it, play with the curves a little bit, and did a basic color pop and below is the results. It’s suddle but just gives the photo a little extra “oomph”. Any photographer worth their salt will tell you that if you want a great photo, you need to start with a great photo. Not that you can’t do some amazing things in photoshop but if you’re having to rescue the majorty of your photo’s like I posted in the last photoshop friday post then you’re not quite ready to be a photographer yet. (And trust me, I was SO there… it took a lot of time and practice before I was getting consistent photo’s SOOC)

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