Nia and Jared are Married! Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio Wedding Photography

Well hello there, ok so it’s been a while. I haven’t updated in some time and it’s one of those things I’ve said I need to do so many times if I had a nickle for ever time I said it.. well you get the picture. The thing is things have been so great, I mean so many amazing couples and beautiful weddings, a trip to the Price of Peach home for girls in Guatemala where part of my heart still resides, a trip to WPPI in Vegas to learn from some of the best photographers in the industry and kick it with about 12,000 other photographers, I mean lots of great stuff that leaves me feeling so blessed, undeserving,and grateful to God I can hardly take it. But that means I’ve been busy, and I’ve been bad and haven’t made time to post like I should. Well last night I photographed a wedding, I mean a really beautiful amazing wedding with some really special people that just make my heart so happy. As I left the wedding I was just smiling, really just all alone smiling to myself like an idiot and I realized “how many times have I felt this way after a wedding, or some other really uplifting experience  in the past year and not shared it on here?” Well the answer is, a lot. So for what it’s worth, I’m posting now. So meet Nia and Jared, they love adventure, they love God, they love each other and now I love them. :) I’m heading to Ireland for a vacation and to check out my heritage, and then I’m heading to England to photograph a fabulous wedding, and then I’ll post on here again, because I should, so I will.

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