I’m always getting my cart before my chicken, or horse, or whatever and this blog post is no exception. I posted Lindsey and Lincoln’s wedding day blog  last summer and my most recent blog post had some of Lindsey’s gorgeous bridals and now I’m posting the engagement photo’s. Slightly backwards but here they are nonetheless. :) I met up with this awesome couple at the Baylor University Theatre since they both were in theatre in college (and actually met during their time there) and are talented thespians (not a word I get to use often, love it!). I remember that shortly after I arrived it started POURING rain so I was like “well glad we’re shooting inside!” and that wasn’t the only reason, I was met with a stunning theatre, awesome prop rooms and really tricky but fun lighting situations that allowed me to really stretch myself and try some different things. Then the clouds parted and the rain stopped and we ventured outside as well, so pretty much a perfect session. :) Love these two and I’m so happy I was able to be a part of so many special memories.

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