Lindsey and Lincoln are married!

 Charming, this wedding, these two, everything about it was perfectly, wonderful, charming. The wedding was in Shelbyville, TX and Shelbyville is…well it’s so stinkin charming! Lincoln and Lindsey met at Baylor University in the Theatre department. They are both actors which I quickly discovered makes them both very intriguing, they can both be sort of quiet and mysterious and then turn around and be the life of the party… but one thing I really noticed is that they seem to have  a secret between then. Not a “we wrecked your dads car and he doesn’t know secret” but just that they seem to have something so special between the two of them that is just theirs. And on their beautiful wedding day they were able to do what I know they have wanted most of all, to promise the rest of their lives to one another, to commit to stand by each other until the end of their lives. It’s a beautiful thing.

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