Lauren and Kevin are Married!

I’ve known Lauren and Kevin for a little while now, before they were planning a wedding, before she was picking a white dress and before they were choosing the perfect location to say “I do”. Even before they were planning to take the big leap it was so clear that they would, that they already had in their hearts. When I would hang out with them they were always laughing together, happy just being in each-others company. And every time I would see Kevin if Lauren wasn’t around and I asked how she was his eyes would instantly light up, a smile would spread across his face and it was like just thinking of her gave him such joy. He was never one of those guys who complained about how his girlfriend was nagging him about something or complained about how she shopped too much or just didn’t understand his “guy time”, no he always had nothing but beautiful things to say about her. That is probably partially because Lauren is indeed that awesome, but also because Kevin sees in her only the best things and she in him. I think that’s a beautiful thing and the stuff that lasting relationships are made of, not focusing on the negative in one another, but seeing the best. Lauren and Kev said “I do” at the beautiful Marie Selby Botanical Gardens under a banyan tree that has been there for over 80 years. I think there is something beautiful about vowing to be with one another forever next to a tree that has been strong in spite of wind and storms and rains. This is a tree where you can actually see it’s roots, what gives it it’s strength, and be reminded that strong roots in a relationship, a strong foundation, can get you through life’s storms.

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