Happy Easter

I have a lot of photo’s I need to share with you guys but I’m not doing that today. I don’t have a clever story or antidote and let’s be real, I’m not that great at being clever anyway. Today I just want to tell anyone who will listen that I am grateful, every part of me, even my bones are grateful. I am so thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ for the sacrifice He made on the cross. I have always been, and will always be unworthy of my savior’s sacrifice for me. I have made so many mistakes in my lifetime, some that can be undone and others that I will always live with but I have a constant comfort in knowing that I have a Lord who loves me no matter what. He offers me grace when I don’t deserve it and forgiveness when I think there is no more to be had. It is so difficult to put into words the peace and the overwhelming warmth that comes from knowing you are loved so completely in a way that no human can ever truly love you. Today I am grateful for my Lords sacrifice, for His resurrection, and for the peace of knowing that one day I will be with Him. Even though I fall sometimes, my heart’s deepest desire is to live a life that glorifies Him and I know that my Lord will be with me every step of the way. Happy Easter everyone.

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