Hannah and Greg are Married! Mediterranean Villa, Arlington Texas Wedding Photographer

The other day my niece asked me “if you had to describe me in one word what would it be?” Well after some thought I chose precocious, because she is unusually bright but also can be quite bold and sassy as well. And I realized that her question is something I wonder sometimes, when I leave a wedding and someone asks me how it was I usually have a plethora of words to describe it, none of which I feel fully capture the beauty of the day. So, I wondered if I had to describe Hannah and Greg’s wedding in one word what would be? And I knew it rather quickly actually….it glowed. Really everything about the day was golden and happy and glowing; the guests, the sun, the beautiful golden toned reception, the couple. It was like for that day the sun shined a little brighter, everyone smiled a little bigger, and if you were there you couldn’t help but feel like you were glowing a little bit yourself. That’s what marriage should be like I think, being together should make you glow a little brighter than when you are apart.

Here are Hannah and Greg’s amazing vendors:

Venue: Mediterranean Villa, Arlington Texas

Planner Extraordinaire: Lisa Yeandle at The Mediterranean Villa

Florist/Caterer/Magic Maker: Joche Westmoreland at The Mediterranean Villa

DJ: Cotten Entertainment

Hair: Meghan Kell at the Vaught House

Makeup: Crystal Tucker: MAC artist

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