Randy and Sandra are married!

I had just finished dinner on the beach with the amazing Lauren who is a wedding planner and also officiates weddings. She  planned and officiated Randy and Sandra’s wedding that I had just photographed. I was walking back to my car and the breeze from the ocean dusted the air with a sweet smell and I decide to walk out to the beach, and just sit. It was dark out and not a soul was around, it was just me and the ocean. While I was sitting there I could have thought of the million things I have to do, the clutter that always seems to inhabit my mind, threatening to spill over at any moment. I didn’t though, I didn’t worry about packing or flights or what photo’s I need to edit, I just thought about Randy and Sandra. Their wedding had calmed my mind and I felt so much love for them, so totally blessed to do what I do. I had just witnessed two people who were so in love that you couldn’t help but be drawn to them, their love was like a whirlwind whipping around them and if you got close enough you were going to get sucked in, and you were going to love it. So I sat silently on the beach and I closed my eyes and I said a prayer for them. I prayed for all the best for them, for a life full of joy and love. I was completely at peace, sitting alone  on the beach, marveling at my good fortune. Moments like that are why I am a photographer.

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  • Lauren JonesOctober 13, 2010 - 5:59 am

    these are amazing!