Ariana is 1!

1 is a pretty big birthday, I don’t think Ariana has a clue that it’s quite a big deal but she seems very content with the fact that she has already been able to eat cupcakes or cake on numerous occasions recently. Ari has red hair like her aunt Avery. And apparently my hair is not the only thing she has, turns out I was quite stubborn as a baby according to my parents (why I never!) and Ari seems to be a little like her aunt Avery in that respect too. But she also has the best smile ever and she’ll hug you and cling to you in a way that makes your heart melt. She is smart and watches you closely, you can tell she’s paying attention and will definitely be remembering whatever it is that you do or say. She is our sweet muffin, cupcake, bittie and she has our whole family wrapped around her dimpled little finger.

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